As part of the “EJNIta 2.0 building bridges and New Roadmaps” project financed by the European Commission, the School for the Judiciary and the Ministry of Justice signed a Memorandum of understanding to ensure the sharing of educational and scientific initiatives useful for strengthening the culture of judicial cooperation.


On the basis of the agreement, the Ministry and the SSM undertake to share information and educational and scientific initiatives of common interest in support of judicial offices and the training of magistrates.


The Memorandum of understanding, signed on 24 January, intends to implement the collaboration between the Network of decentralized trainers, in charge of the School’s European Gaius project and the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters (EJN-civile, European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters, EJN), based at the Department of Justice Affairs of the Ministry.


Collaboration between the various existing networks, including the European judicial network in civil and commercial matters, also represents an objective of the European Gaius project, with the aim of increasingly effective training of magistrates in the sector of judicial cooperation.


The initiative constitutes a further important objective achieved through the second edition of the EJNIta project, which has already led to the creation of an electronic service (via a dedicated “Aldricus” website to support the Italian judicial authorities, as well as the preparation of information material, conferences, cooperation manuals and training courses.


In this framework, the agreement reached has the objective of creating an institutional link between the EJN-civil contact points, appointed by the ministerial office, and the decentralized trainers in charge of the European Gaius project of the School for the Judiciary.